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Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Sharon Ruttonsha

Recent Paintings:

Undertones: Tracing the cumulative histories of European towns and countrysides

Many lives have passed this place, their traces still remaining: mothers calling children from windows, horses roped to iron fixtures, hill-town watchmen patrolling for enemies, and families joining estates in matrimony. This place is the container of their overlaid histories – successively accumulating, with each generation carving out the next, or erasing preceding efforts. Civilizations overlapping civilizations: with each passing season, a chance to preserve, renew or dismiss the stories that define them. Read more...

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New Members

Jon Chris Embree - Sculptor, Painter

Title: The Frog King - Medium: Bronze
"I sculpt to relieve creative tension. My sculpture is an attempt to reconcile seemingly opposing human mental conditions such as intellect vs. instinct. I also want to create a contemporary mythology. Some of the sculptures share a theme: man's struggle to reconcile his primitive brain with his civilizing philosophy. " - Jon Chris Embree
View Jon's Portfolio.

Lisa Solonynko - Photographer

Title: Dancer
Medium: Giclee Print On Metallic Paper

Lisa Solonynko is an award winning professional photographer currently working in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada.
Throughout her photographic career, Lisa's passion remains creating images that are dynamic and thought provoking. Whether shooting in exotic places, like Egypt, or in her own backyard, she strives to discover new vantage points and perspectives that will intrigue her audience. View Lisa's Portfolio.